Things to Know about LGA Airport

Traveling by plane is enjoyable and time-efficient, but it requires great time management. Since you need to do check-in and get through the security screening, you should always get to LGA Airport on time and leave some breathing room for unexpected delays. And in such a scenario, you might want to book an airport limo service to and from LGA Airport to avoid the risk of getting late.

LGA Airport Limo and Car Services

LGA Airport is one of three major airports serving New York and is largely considered NY’s domestic airport. The airport serves New York City alongside JFK International Airport in Queens and Newark Liberty International Airport in NJ.

It is the smallest of the three New York airports, and its only international flights are to and from Canada, but it’s a real-time saver on certain routes.

Airlines Operating From LGA

Terminal A: JetBlue Airways

Terminal B: Air Canada, American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines

Terminal C: Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, WestJet

Terminal D: Delta Airlines

Airport Limo Service JFK

LGA Airport Terminals

Terminal A:

Also known as Marine Air Terminals, it is located on the west side of the airport. Terminal A is solely occupied by JetBlue.

Terminal B:

This terminal is the central area of the airport and is the largest of all terminals with 3 concourses – Concourses C & D, and the Eastern Concourse. It recently underwent development, and now consists of 4 levels, including a brand new concession level with restaurants and shops.

Terminal C:

It is located on the east side of the airport. The terminal is connected to Terminal D via a pedestrian walkway within the secure area. Terminal C has 25 gates and there are also two Delta Sky Club lounges in Terminal C.

Terminal D:

It is located on the east side of the airport and is connected to Terminal C via a pedestrian walkway. WestJet and Delta Air Lines operate flights from the nine gates of the terminal. A new concourse has been added to the terminal which connects via a temporary walkway and has seven gates, along with a small selection of restaurants and shops.


The airport has 72 restaurants and cafes. So, you will find ample grab-and-go options throughout the airport, and thousands of choices to grab a bite before your flight.


The airport provides free Wi-Fi to passengers and guests in all public areas. To connect, choose ‘Free LGA WiFi’ from your network options and you will be on your way.

How Do I Get To The LGA Airport On-Time?

Booking an LGA airport limo and car service is the best way to get to LaGuardia Airport. Make sure to schedule your ride a few minutes before, so that the driver will show up on-time at the agreed location. Trained chauffeurs will know the city, and can easily avoid roadblocks and unnecessary delays.

If you want to book an airport limo service to and from LGA Airport, MeemLimo is here for you. We bring you the most comfortable, enjoyable, and time–saving manner of getting to LGA Airport on time. Book with us and see for yourself!

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